Pumpkinhead Museum

The History of Pumpkinhead

It started 23 years ago in downtown Chico as an endurance contest. In the years since it was held in front of the Underground (RIP), Carl’s Jr., Downtown City Plaza, Manzanita Place’s back lawn, and in 2019 it returned to Carl’s Jr on East & Esplanade! Browse through videos and photos from yesteryear as we continually ask ourselves the question: Why?

Pumpkinhead 2018

The final challenge reveals the winner of Pumpkinhead 2018!

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Contest Photos

Concert Photos

Event Photos

Pumpkinhead 2017

Tim Buc Moore & V talk with 2017 Champion Kory Holtzer

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Pumpkinhead 2016

V & Tim Buc Moore talk with Pumpkinhead 2016 champion Justin Estes

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Pumpkinhead 2015

The final challenge resulting in 2015’s champion being crowned

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Pumpkinhead 2014

The Pumpkinheads attempt the Ukranian Dead Lift in 2014

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Pumpkinhead 2013

Pumpkinhead 2012

Ted Shred is crowned Pumpkinhead 2012!


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Pumpkinhead 2009

Pumpkinhead 2003

Pumpkinhead 2001

Check back often for more historical Pumpkinhead content we dig out of the archives as we make our way toward the big day at Manzanita Place in Chico on October 20th!

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