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Red Handed

Red Handed is a 3-Piece band from Marysville, CA. Consisting of Chris Mertens on guitar and lead vocals, Jesse Rivera on Bass and Shawn Melton on drums and backup vocals.

Some of our inspirations include: Sublime, Rancid, and Nirvana, which translates into our Reggae-Rock playing style. We started this band hoping to revive a local music scene that once was dead in our community, and now we aim to inspire young musicians to believe that just because they come from a small town, doesn’t mean they can’t achieve anything big.


Life-long friends, Greg Fischer and Deryk Bissell began forming what would become, with the addition of Billy Jackson and Motown, the four member band Amahjra. Raised in rural, northern California, a gritty sound was born from small town upbringings and musical influences, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Ray Von, Alice In Chains and Pink Floyd.
With chemistry and creativity at an all time high, Amahjra will release the new single, Eye To Eye in October 2018 and their follow-up album to Listen For Reason is anticipated in 2019.
Whether performing at the local bar, or headlining a main stage, Amahjra pulls you in with their high-energy, unforgettable performances and always leaves you wanting more.
“Keep in touch with who you are, soon you’ll reach the skies.” – Amahjra


HellHeart is an international FEMALE FRONTED metal band from the Central Valley of California. Formed in early 2017 with a goal of creating a unique brand of heavy music, their aggressive sound and work ethic has helped them to climb the ranks and emerge as an international act in less than a year of being active.

In summer of 2017, HellHeart signed with SoCal Indie label Dead Sea Records.In October of 2017, HellHeart won “Best Metal Band” in the Modesto Area Music Awards (MAMA).Shortly after, they embarked on their first international tour, traveling to Mexico to play in Tijuana, Monterrey and Saltillo. They were special guests to Northside festival, which included headliners like Deftones, In Flames and Gene Simmons. Two of the tour dates included the official Northside Festival Pre-Party at the historic Cafe Iguana and the Post-Party at Pizza Rock Saltillo. Fronting the band is award winning powerhouse vocalist Alie Grabowski. Blending both clean singing and heavy screams, her high energy, in-your-face stage presence leaves a lasting impression showing she is a force to be reckoned with. On guitars, Jess Gilmore and Bradley Dial combine elements of thrash, power metal, metalcore and hardcore to create an aggressive and unique blend of heavy and hard hitting riffage. Jeff Amador holds it down on bass, bringing the old school Melodic Metal and Metalcore stylings thats gives HellHeart’s songs a unique and fresh feel . Rounding out HellHeart is Kevin Nelson, bringing a flashy blend of post-hardcore and metalcore drumming that helps give the band its fresh and uptempo backbone.