All The Ways To Listen To ZROCK

Thanks to constantly-emerging technology, there are so many ways to listen to ZROCK. Below are a list of all the ways we’re aware of, but if there is a technology you’re using that isn’t on this list please let us know.

FM Radio: No surprise! 106.7 FM on any FM radio.

Internet Stream: Click “listen live” at the top of

Smartphones & Tablets: We have apps for iPhone (iOS) and Android where you can listen to our stream from mobile devices. This is the most feature-rich experience of all the other streaming technology listed on this page. Get our iOS App | Get our Android App

Amazon Echo (“Alexa”): Yes, there is a ZROCK skill for Alexa. Get that info here.

Google Home: Say, “Play 106.7 ZROCK on TuneIn.”

Sonos Smart Speaker: Sonos can be linked to your Amazon Alexa app, or you can find using the Sonos app. In TuneIn, search for 106.7 ZROCK .

Apple HomePod: With your iPhone and HomePod connected to the same WiFi network, access the ZROCK stream in your mobile web browser at, or by using the ZROCK iPhone app.

Any Bluetooth Speaker: If you have your mobile device connected via bluetooth to a bluetooth speaker, then you can simply get our stream by either touching “Listen Live” at, or within the ZROCK mobile app … whichever you prefer.

Smart TVs: All of the major Smart TV operating systems have the TuneIn app available. Install the TuneIn app on your Smart TV, then search for 106.7 ZROCK .

Roku: Install the TuneIn app on your Roku, then search for 106.7 ZROCK .

Xbox One: Install the TuneIn app on your Xbox One, then search for 106.7 ZROCK .