Pumpkinhead 2017: WINNER!!!

Pumpkinhead 2017: WINNER!!!

WINNER CROWNED at 8:22 PM: Kory and Justin (last years champ) took it down to a final challenge… basically a ballerina pose… Justin gave it his best but wound up falling in the end. Congrats Kory!!!

UPDATE 7:50 PM: The count has dropped to 2…  Challenge Palm DE Soul was the brain child of Coot Dog and it was tough. You had to rest your palm on the sole of your foot. Wes Holt finally fell. DEVOLL on the Pumpkinhead Rush Personnel Stage. Current Pumpkinhead count 2.

UPDATE 7:20 PM: And then there were 3… We brought back a classic… the Ukrainian Dead Lift… and  it took out the remaining lady in the bunch… Frankie. Current Pumpkinhead count 3.

UPDATE 6:50 PM: Aaron Daniels… former champ goes down to the Tony Hawk inspired Board Grab Challenge. Current Pumpkinhead count 4.

UPDATE 6:20 PM: Tim is the new Dain… He came up with something called Tim’s Toe Raises and knocked out another Tim… Wellman. Scarlet Pumps on the Pumpkinhead Rush Personnel Stage. Current Pumpkinhead count 5.

UPDATE 4:50 PM: Dain pulls another one out of his nether region… the Drinking Bird. Josue couldn’t get it done. Current Pumpkinhead count 6.

UPDATE 4:40 PM: The Pooping Swan strikes again… Cody falls while trying to do yoga in a pumpkin mask. Current Pumpkinhead count 7.

UPDATE 4:17 PM: 2 FALL within minutes of each other… Denae chose to step down and Leg Out Till Someone Falls takes down Edmond. Current Pumpkinhead count 8.

UPDATE 4:00 PM: Makers Mile is live on the Pumpkinhead Rush Personnel Stage.

UPDATE 3:19 PM: SAY IT AIN’T SOOOOO… Jack Skellington goes down with the Straight Leg Toe Grab… Coot Dog came up with that one… blame him. Current Pumpkinhead count 10.

UPDATE 2:50 PM: Thor’s Hammer strikes down Rob… he headed straight for the Feather Falls Beer Garden. Current Pumpkinhead count 11.

UPDATE 2:20 PM: Dain marks his return to Pumpkinhead with the

Teapot challenge and knocks out mother of two Jaid. Up To Elven now playing on the Pumpkinhead Rush Personnel stage. Current Pumpkinhead count 12.

UPDATE 1:20 PM: Russel Harris succumbs to the wind, the heat and the foul gourd smell. BANDS start at 2 PM. Current Pumpkinhead count 13.

UPDATE 12:40 PM: Melissa takes a misstep and comes down off her crate. Sorry to see you go girl. Current Pumpkinhead count 14.

UPDATE 12:20 PM: The DUI Challenge takes down another Pumpkinhead. Richard is not cleared to drive home… so he can head into the

BREWFEST or the Feather Falls Beer Garden. Current Pumpkinhead count 15.

UPDATE 12:00 PM: BREWFEST is now ON. Come have a cold one with the ZROCK crew.


UPDATE: 11:20 AM: The one leg challenge takes out Monica. The wind didn’t help. Current Pumpkinhead count 16.

UPDATE 10:09 AM: Another Pumpkinhead down due to stomach issues… he puked. Tim Hinks thanks for sharing your breakfast with us. Current Pumpkinhead count 17.

UPDATE 9:50 AM: The first  Pumpkinhead has fallen… um well took a bribe… Sean has stepped down so he can go to this afternoon’s BREWFEST. Current Pumpkinhead count 18.

UPDATE 8:20 AM: the Pumpkinheads are now crated. We start with 19. Good luck you bad asses. Brewfest starts at noon. Bands start at 2 PM. Current Pumpkinhead count 19.

Pumpkinhead turns 21.

What started out as a stupid stunt downtown all them years ago has culminated in this. This year we change venues to Manzanita Place because Sierra Nevada Brewing Company is hopping on board to help us celebrate our 21st burfmas and we need the space! What does that have to do with anything? It means a big ol’ brewfest, food trucks, live music, a greased up naked ex-con hanging upside down from a basketball hoop*, and a lot more.

*greased up naked ex-con availability subject to Chico deviancy laws

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